Q: How can I have my own designs cut?

It is a little involved, but please refer to our PDF Custom Artwork Information.

Download: Custom Artwork Information

Q: I want a stencil, but I want a different size?

Yes, as we are the Artists, and Technicians, we can make it for you.

Q: Do you private label? (Make Stencils under other people’s names, or labels)

Yes, we often  do this for our "competitors".  Their art work is good as well.  If you would like your own line, we can do this.  You would have to provide the images, give us time to develop them into stencils, and print on your label, then package, or alternately we can send them in bulk to you, for you to package.  Finally, as we are the artists and technicians, we can also re-size our work for you. We can accommodate you in most ways.

Q: What is the largest size you can cut?

4 feet by 4 feet, 120x 120 cm.  Yes, we work in Metric and Imperial (inch) measures.  We also make small objects (DNA strainers for instance).

Q: What is the smallest size we can cut?

We cut to the micron. Should you wish to have a tiny stencil- we may be able to make it, but it has to work. We will give you an opinion as to it's viability before starting, as some things just "don't work".  We have found that the minimum sizes for Mylar -both as cut designs, and as spacing for bridges is .08, or 2mm. , or the plastic melts, distorts, or gets broken too easily.

Q: What are standard sizes of Mylar so I can optimize my drawing and save money?

All are measured in Inches:  3 x10,   5 x 8.5, 5 x 16, 8.5 x 10 (our  motif size)(best for mailing),

10 x10, 8.5 x 20 (many of stencils are on this size), 10 x 20, 20 x 23, 24 x48, 48x 48

Currently our .07 Mylar sells for $2.00/square foot.

Q: Do you mail outside of North America?

Yes, we mail world wide. We regularly mail to Europe, Australia, New Zealand.  We currently sell through stores in Canada, the US, Germany, & Sweden. We have sold to individuals in Asia as well.

Q: I am a teacher-can I receive bulk stencils at a discounted price?

Yes, we can give a lower price if we don't need to package for you and we have lead time.

Q: I would like to use this in a professional art application for sale. Can I do this?

We expect  this to be done. The restrictions we have are small. Our stencils are to be used by artists, commercially, or for your own pleasure;  at your own risk (e.g. if you fall off a ladder while stencilling- don't blame us).  They shall not be copied by other Stencil companies.  These are copy written images- let's all do original work, and offer a wide selection to the public.

Q: Do you have Wholesale rates?

Yes.  They are based upon Sales. The more you buy the deeper your discount.    We accept and prefer to work with you and your Credit cards (Visa, Master card, American Express) or Pay pal.   We do give discounts, depending on the amount you spend per order. eg. $250-$500— 25 % off our online price, $501-$1000 is 40% off, $1001+ is 50% off . You, of course, may sell it for whatever you want. (Stores and Teachers may want bulk packaging, {one set of instructions only} for a reduced cost).  Payment must accompany the order.  We do not accept deferred payments.

Q: How do you ship?

My advice would be to go for one larger order, rather than ordering many stencils singly as mailing is expensive.  This way you save more on shipping than you would with many small packages.  You have to decide what you need,  of course.  We charge you whatever it costs us to mail it to you, unless you have a courier account and would like to use your account  instead. This can easily be arranged.  Normally  there is the choice of air or Surface (ground) mail. Air mail is more expensive.  Adding another stencil adds only $1.00 to the mailing cost.  For special services- stencils in an emergency- please call toll free to arrange this.